Animal Skeletons

My kids LOVE learning about animals, and one of the more unusual aspects that they both find fascinating are the skeletons of the animals, particularly which sections are common and which sections are unique to different animals.  We have looked at animal skeletons before and I know my kids wanted animal skeleton printouts that they could keep and use in their own little projects (they both like creating books filled with information about topics they find interesting) so as soon as I spotted these skeleton pages from Twinkl Resources I knew I had to print them out.

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The set includes – a dog, cat, rabbit, chameleon, parrot and a badger.

As soon as I gave them the set they started using them. My son likes creating his own animals and part of that is he wants to be able to draw skeletons for his hybrids so to help him with his hybrids I suggested we practice drawing animal skeletons (always easier to adapt something if you know what the real version looks like).  To start with he traced the outline of the animal.

Skeletons - Tracing the outline of the animal first

Once he had the outline as his starting point he started practicing how he would slot the skeleton inside.

drawing a badger skeleton from the badger x-ray page on Twinkl Resources website

I really think it helped him.  As he drew, he thought about what bones went where and even discussed how one of his hybrids would differ.

His sister thought this was a great idea.  She tried the dog skeleton. To begin with she did struggle with some of the proportions.

Twinkl Resources- drawing a dog's skeleton

But she stuck with it and moved onto the cat.

drawing her own cat skeleton using the vet x-ray pages from Twinkl Resources

We love this little set of animal x-rays.  They are so useful for kids wanting to learn about animal skeletons.

Disclosure: Twinkl Resources have given us free access to their website so we can use their resources and share our favourites with you.  All Links and References to the subscription packages are correct at the time of me writing this post.

Using the x-ray pages from downloaded from Twinkl resources to practice drawing animal skeletons

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