Fun, Easy, Colourful Paper Pictures

We have been having a super chilled few days and had some fun playing around with some new colourful paper that we bought.

We started off with a few colouring pages (simple colour pages are easier) and we selected the paper that we wanted to use. (The example below used this Turtle colouring page)

Colourful paper collage. using a colouring page as a template

We turned the colouring page over and shaded over the lines.  Then we selected our colorful paper and traced over the shapes that we wanted – you end up with a  faint outline of the shapes.

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Some cutting and glueing and 1 colourful turtle emerged.

colourful paper collage a colourful Sea Turtle

It was such an easy art project and the end result was so cheerful so we selected a bird colouring page (this Kookaburra Page ) and did the exact same thing.

Colourful paper collage. Using a bird colouring page to create a colourful bird

And then we tried another version of the bird (my daughter actually wants to use the two kookaburra’s for some cards).

Colourful Paper Collage. Different bird pictures

And one last one a scarecrow (this is the colouring page we used for this one – Scarecrow page).

colourful paper collage. a colourful fun scarecrow

It really was such an easy little project but the pictures turned out super cute and I do agree with my daughter I think all of these pictures would be perfect on some home-made cards.

The colourful paper the we used was bought from local crafting stores and all the colouring pages that we used are from the Activity Village website.

Colourful Paper Collage. A scarecrow made using a colouring page from Activity Village

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    Oooh, I love these!

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