Converting Body Measurement Worksheet

Our measuring animal activity went so well that I thought it would be good to try to build on that (especially for my youngest) so I had a quick search on the different websites that I use for another fun measuring activity and I found this – Converting Measurements activity on Twinkl.

Two reasons why it jumped out at me – firstly the activity required the kids to measure some unusual body parts like the length of an ear and nose and I immediately knew my son would love this. (And he really did, he wants to redo the measurements with his dad this weekend)

Use a tape measure to measure different body parts and then convert the cm to mm and m. Fun way for the kids to practice converting units of measurement

Secondly I like the way they have set it all out.

Converting Measurement worksheet downloaded from the Twinkl resources website

In a Grid, with the place value columns and a very clear Decimal Point.  I think this is a very visual way of helping the kids get that converting between cm and mm is x 10 so the numbers just need to move one place value to the left and when they divide by 100 it is two place values to the right (ie convert from cm to m).

It definitely helped my son.

Converting his measurements from cm into mm and m using the place value columns set out in a Twinkl resources worksheet

And there is a nice summary table for the kids to complete at the end

Converting measurements between cm, mm and m using place value columns to help. A summary table included in the set

It was a great way to reinforce what my son had been working on when he was measuring out the lengths of the different snakes and creating his animal measurement fact cards.  And it was also a great revision activity for my daughter

Converting Measurement worksheets from Twinkl Resources website. Perfect way to practice converting from cm to mm and cm to m. Great Maths Activity

The worksheets I mention in the post are part of the Twinkl Resources paid for Classic subscription.

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  1. Camie says:

    I like the grid, too.


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