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I feel like I have been writing a lot of book posts lately, not sure if it is just the cold season or the fact that we all seem to be going from bug to bug but we do seem to be reading a lot and finding lots of interesting books.  So this time I am going to summarize 6 new books (well 4 totally new books and 2 that we have rediscovered).

New Books. Ronja the Robber's Daughter, Moonlight Tales and Seeker of the Crown

My daughter is definitely on a “reading about strong women” trend at the moment and 2 of the books that she has enjoyed are Ronja the Robber’s Daughter Illustrated Edition and Seeker of the Crown (Prisoner of Ice and Snow).  Very different stories but both with strong female lead characters.

Ronja the Robber’s Daughter is written by Astrid Lindgren (my hubbie was thrilled when he saw this as he remembered her books from when he was younger and has STRONGLY suggested that we find more as he rates her as an excellent author).  The story is about 2 competing group of robbers who live in a forest with some unique magical creatures.  As it happens both tribe leaders end up having a child each and the kids become friends which cause lots of problems.  But in the end the friendship between the 2 kids ends the feud and both kids declare they will not follow in the family tradition of robbing.  The friendship between the two kids is very sweet (and totally innocent so don’t worry about that) and they go on a few adventures together (nothing too scary).  My daughter enjoyed the story and liked the fact that Ronja was such a head-strong, courageous, determined young girl.  I personally enjoyed the writing style – descriptive, with good interesting characters that you get to know and understand as you story unfolds.

Seeker of the Crown.  A more challenging read than Ronja and I did need to talk about the different characters and events with my daughter as she found it a bit more complex but we liked that.  My daughter and I naturally talk about the stories that she reads and I often read the books myself anyway, so it was not an issue for us.  The setting for this is Russia which we found interesting as it is somewhere that we have not explored that much and my daughter has actually asked if we can find more stories set in Russia as she enjoyed the context.  There were two instances where she worried some of the main characters might actually die but they survived and it was not scary enough to put her off reading.  Oh and she partially liked the fact that in this story only women could rule the land – ie be Queen, there are NO kings in this story – big plus for my daughter she kept telling her dad that if we lived in this story she would be Queen.  I would definitely group this as one of the “older, more advanced” books that she has read.

Moonlight Tales (Animal Anthologies) is actually a book of short stories that I bought for my daughter 2 years ago but with Christmas around the corner the kids dug it out again and they have been enjoying the sweet festive animal stories included.  They have been reading it together (my daughter reading sections to her brother and then him reading sections to her).  It is an easy read for my daughter but it has been perfect for my son.  I personally LOVE the stories they have included, they are festive and sweet and great as a family read together book.  I recommend this for some lovely winter tales.

Usborne Young Reading Series. Anne of Green Gables and Beowulf

We have a habit of always taking a few Usborne Young Reading books out from our local library.  Our library always has a good selection and I have found them a really good way of introducing some well-known stories.  Last month we borrowed Anne of Green Gables (Young Reading 3) (3.3 Young Reading Series Three (Purple)) and Beowulf (Young Reading (Series 3)) (3.3 Young Reading Series Three (Purple)) and they have both been read and reread and the kids just asked if we could renew them for a 3rd time.  We have never read Anne of Green Gables before and he daughter just loved it and she has now asked for a more detailed Anne book.  My son LOVES Beowulf, really LOVES it.  It fits in nicely with his current Viking / Mythology interest.  Both books are definitely worth a read.

And lastly a book that we rediscovered because I was trying to clear out old books (books that are now too easy for my youngest).  He went through my charity shop stack of books and immediately took this one out and asked if we could keep it because it was one of his all time favourites.  So if you have younger kids and you have not yet read The Day The Crayons Quit my son strongly recommends that you do.  He says it is hilarious and according to him all kids are going to LOVE it.

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Disclosure – the books include in this post are a combination of books that I have bought (Moonlight Tales and Day the Crayons Quit), library books (both of the Usborne Books) and books sent to us (Ronja the Robber’s Daughter and Seeker of the Crown).  I was under no obligation to include any of these books.  This is just a summary of a few books that my kids have been reading and recommend.

I do include Affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same. I only include affiliate links for products that we use and love.

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