Christmas lanterns from Twinkl

My kids love displaying decorations on our window ledges.  There is just something about Christmas that makes them want to full up all the window space with Christmas decorations.  This year we spotted the Christmas Lanterns on the Twinkl Resources website and thought they would make a good addition to our Christmas window decorations.  They have two different versions on the website (we used both) – the Christmas Nativity Mindfulness Lantern and the Simple 3D Traditional Christmas Lantern.  Both Lanterns are part of their paid for Classic Collection.

The kids started off with colouring in the Nativity mindfulness Lanterns.  When my son (who is 7) first saw the colouring he did comment that it was going to take him ages because it was detailed and the pictures were quite small, but once he got started he realized it was not that difficult and he finished his lantern in one go.

Twinkl Resources Nativity colouring in Lanterns. Christmas Activity for kids

The kids were also keen to create their own versions of the lanterns.  So we printed out a few copies of the Simple 3D lantern template and then I also printed out some of the Nativity Story Stone images.  The story stone images are not an exact fit for the lantern but it is very close and both of mine did not mind that a few of the images slightly overlapped the border of the lantern.

adding some of the Nativity Story Stone images to the 3D lanterns from Twinkl Resources

In fact my son liked the fact that he could add 3 wise men to his lantern.

The kids also wanted to include a star and I remembered a star image included in these Christmas Colouring Pages – I printed our star image at 20% to get the correct size for the lantern.  And I must admit I really liked their idea of combining the star image with some of the story stone images.

Christmas lantern with added story stone and colouring page images. All from Twinkl Resources

My son also wanted to try one lantern with something hanging in the middle.  This was slightly more tricky but it worked.  We cut out the white sections of the Simple 3D lantern and then stuck all the sides together to get our lantern.  Then he cut out and coloured in one of the star images (coloured it on both sides) and we managed to hang in inside the lantern with a bit of sellotape – (I did have to help him with this).

But he really loves the end result.

The Star Christmas lantern

And I must say all of our Lanterns really do look good.

Christmas lanterns made using story stone and colouring page images

Disclosure: Twinkl Resources have given us free access to their website so we can use their resources and share our favourites with you.  All Links and References to the subscription packages are correct at the time of me writing this post.

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Create Your Own Christmas lantern using pages from Twinkl Resources websiteNativity Christmas lanterns from Twinkl Resources

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