Fun Christmas Cone People

The past week we have all been very slowly recovering some flu and have not done a lot of our usual activities, instead the kids have started with all their Christmas crafts.  One of the ones we worked on this past week were these lovely Christmas Cone people from the Mrs Mactivity site.

MrsMactivity Christmas Cone people. Print out the black and white set and let the kids decorate them

You print the template out and then the kids do the colouring, cutting and sticking so it was the prefect starter Christmas craft for us as we did not need to venture out and buy anything extra.

Colouring in the Gingerbread man cone toy from the Mrs Mactivity site

One of the things I really liked about this set is the flexibility it gave the kids.  Each cone person / cone toy comes with its own set of extra “add ons”.  In the picture below my daughter is working on the angel and you can see the main angel cone and then there is a second page with extra wings, a halo and arms.

colouring in the angel from the Mrs Mactivity cone toy set

So the kids could just stick to the main cone if they wanted or they can add these extra bits on.

The MrsMactivity Angel part of their Christmas cone toy craft set

And the kids don’t need to add all the items if they don’t want too.  My son created 2 elves (using the same template) but he did not add all the same items to both elves and he choose to cut part of the top off one of the elves.  So even though it is the exact same template he did end up with a different effect.

Mrs Mactivity Christmas elves part of the Christmas cone toy set.

The angel and the elves were our favourites but the set also includes a sweet Father Christmas and a gingerbread man.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the colder months the kids often come and sit in the kitchen while I am baking or cooking and work on an arty/ crafty activity.  And these are perfect for that because they can colour and chat away while I am cooking.  So I have also printed out the  lovely Nativity set and I am leaving it in our Christmas crafting pile for when the kids want something to do.

Disclosure – both sets I have mentioned are part of the Mrs Mactivity subscription package – they come in a colour and black and white version – which is currently just under £10 a year.  All links and references to external sites are correct at the time of me writing this post.

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