Knock Knock Joke Book for the family

My daughter has always struggled with humour, she does not always understand it and as a result can get very frustrated.  So we wanted to try to help her a bit by introducing her to some jokes at home, explaining them to her and even possibly teaching her a few so that when she is in a social situation it is not as intimidating when everyone starts sharing jokes.

I spotted that Highlights had a Knock Knock Children’s joke book so I thought it might be a good starting point.  Knock Knock jokes are standard and well-known so I thought they would be a good introduction.

Knock Knock! The Biggest Best Joke Book Ever

The book is filled with lots of different themed Knock Knock jokes (I belive there are over 1000 different jokes in this book).  They have split the jokes up into different sections like – Animal antics, household humour, laugh around the world etc.  I liked this is as we could jump to a section and read out a bunch of similar themed jokes.

Now as I mentioned there are over a thousand jokes in this book, so we have not read every single one but so far none have been unsuitable.  And yes some are funnier than others, but we liked this because we used it to discuss why some jokes seemed to work better than others.

Both my kids have enjoyed reading this book together and with their dad (he really loved the idea of reading joke books with the kids).

reading the Knock Knock! Joke book together

And we have also used it in car trips – it was really a great way of keeping two kids busy while we were going on a longish drive to the beach. (And I promise I was not the driving and taking photos at the same time)

Using the Knock Knock! Joke book in a car trip to keep the kids entertained

We have really enjoyed this book and I think it has been a great way of helping my daughter better understand some basic jokes and word play.  We are hoping to build on this and try some other joke books with her in the future.

I received this joke book together with a few others for review purposes.  I honestly think it is a fun joke book worth the £8.99 that it is retailing for Knock Knock!: The BIGGEST, Best Joke Book EVER (Highlights Laugh Attack! Joke Books)

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  1. another mom says:

    It looks like a lot of fun and a break from factual content and
    normal school work…..


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