Snake Paper Chain from Twinkl

I have am trying to make sure that our craft activities appeal to my little guy but with this heat we have been having my desire to get creative has vanished and I really needed something easy to set up but something that would still suit him.  He loves all animals but recently he has been more fascinated by reptiles and insects so I searched for an activity for one of those and found this snake paper chain activity (Twinkl Resources part of their Classic package).  We printed out a few copies of the black and white version.

My initial idea when I saw this was that it was a fun, easy paper craft activity and that we would just use our sharpies to colour it in and my son did initially make some just like that (scissors, glue and sharpies).

Snake paper chain craft activity colouring in with sharpies

Even sticking with just his sharpies the end snakes came out so bright and colourful.

Snake Paper Chain Craft activity from Twinkl Resources

But when his sister joined in we decided to try something a bit different and dug out our stash of decopatch paper (I have bought the paper from a number of different sources).

Snake Paper Chain template from Twinkl adding some colourful decopath paper.

We covered the links that make up the snake’s body in the colourful paper (glueing it onto both sides).

Snake Paper Chain craft activity from Twinkl Resources adding decopatch paper to the links

Snake paper Chain Craft activity using some decopath paper for the links

And I must admit using the decopatch paper is such an easy way to create some truly stunning snakes.

Snake Paper Chain craft activity made using a template from Twinkl and some colourful decopatch paper

It really was the perfect, hot weather, easy to set up craft activity that required very little thinking or prepping from me and I had two happy little crafters who liked their end results.

Snake paper Chain craft activity from Twinkl Resources

The snake paper chain template that we used is from the Twinkl Resources website and is part of a paid for subscription.  For more information about their subscriptions please contact Twinkl directly, I do not work for them, we just use some of their resources in our home education.  Also all links and mention of package structures are correct at time of publishing this post.

Snake Paper Chain Craft Activity.  Made using a template from Twinkl Resources



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