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We have different posters scattered around the house.  Some are semi-permanent and some we just put up while we are looking at a topic but either way these visual learning aids are a big part of both the kids learning.  So I thought I would share some photos and links for the Twinkl posters that we use (or have used).  A couple are FREE to download but the most are part of their paid for classic membership.  All our posters are displayed on really simple cork boards (we bought these ones from amazon – 5 Star Indigo Noticeboard Cork with Pine Frame W 900 x H 600mm)

One of our semi-permanent set of poster are our British History Timeline Posters.  There are quite a few and each page is A4 size so we used 2 of our notice boards for this but it is proving to be a really useful reminder for both the kids and me (I totally admit that I sometimes have a quick look to check dates if we are discussing an event or person and I want to make sure which period it/ they belonged in).

British History Timeline Posters from Twinkl Resources

There is also a World History Timeline set.

Most of the posters that we have up tend to be Maths.  One of the first ones we ever out up was this 0 – 200 number poster (I loved the fact that it included numbers great than 100).  If you are busy looking at Number Bonds we used their Rainbow Number bond Posters, there are three different ones – Number Bonds to 10, Number Bonds to 20 and Number Bonds to 100.

And our multiples poster – you can get the poster with all the numbers on one page – Number number poster.

Multiples, skip counting poster from Twinkl Resources

Or the individual numbers – we love these and they are FREE to download.

Multiples inside the NUmber Poster. Free to download from Twinkl Resources

If you are working on times tables – we really liked the 9 Times Table Easy Way Poster

Twinkl Resources Learning the 9 times table the Easy Way

and the 2, 4 and 8 times table poster.

2, 4 and 8 times table poster from Twinkl Resources

For Fractions I think this Fraction wall is a very useful poster (FREE to download) we have had ours up for ages.

Free to download Fraction Wall from Twinkl Resources

We also like this Fractions, Decimals and Percentage poster.

Twinkl's Fractions, Decimals and Percentages poster

And for Geometry – we have found this Angles poster useful.

Angles and Measurement poster from Twinkl Resources

Maps are another one we like – since I am originally from South Africa we have a large Map of Africa up so I can continuously point out the different countries in Africa (I get very irritated when people talk about Africa as  country so I am determined that both the kids are going to have a good knowledge of the different countries in Africa).

Twinkl Resources Map of Africa showing the different countries in Africa

They have lots of different maps on the site including this one of  Europe

Oh and this FREE to download Water Cycle Poster.

There are so many posters that we have used and I know I am forgetting a bunch but these are the ones that are up at the moment / or the ones I can think of.

This post is NOT a review post.  It is just me sharing some of the learning posters that we have used with our kids

Educational Posters from Twinkl Resources

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2 Responses to Twinkl Posters

  1. another mom says:

    A lovely learning environment for your little ones.


  2. mummyest2014 says:

    I love Twinkl resources. I use loads of the EYFS ones with my little man. It saves me so much time just being able to download ready made ones x


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