New Aprons

I have mentioned before that I have a few Home Education Essentials that are not really traditional learning items – ie not books and stationary.  For us home education is a whole family adventure.  Home education is not something that we do in set hours of certain days it extends to every aspect of our family life.  So we have found that certain items are essential for our home education – Wellington’s and good comfortable walking shoes always spring to mind (try taking the kids on a trip into london and explore a museum with them while your feet are sore – not fun).  We also do lots of baking and arts and crafts so a good wipe clean table-cloth is always a must have for me and Aprons, yes aprons  – my washing load always seems massive and having aprons for the kids to wear means I don’t have to worry about an extra set of dirty clothes every time they decide to bake or craft .

Since the kids were small I have always had aprons in the house.  And we use ours a LOT.  Baking, painting, crafting even in some messy play activities.  But I recently needed to replace my eldest’s and I noticed that finding nice good quality aprons for slightly older kids was not as easy as when they were younger (and the added complication that my oldest also wanted an apron that looked pretty and was not child-like because as she keeps telling me she is almost 10).  And then someone pointed me in the direction of the Ulster Weavers website.  They have a lovely range of aprons.  For younger and older kids, PVC aprons and lovely fabric ones.  I loved the choice and both my kids found something that appealed to them – my daughter went with a flowery one and my son choose a camper van one.

Baking Biscuits with her new apron from Ulster Weavers

And they both loved what arrived. My almost ten-year old was really chuffed that her apron arrived in a little pretty bag, she said she immediately knew it was for older children because of how they had packed it.

Ulster Weavers children apron. The Sophie Conran Reka Apron

My daughter’s is nice a pretty floral one and in her words looks like an adult’s apron and my son think’s his camper van apron one is “very cool”

Ulster Weavers children's apron. A Camper van PVC apron perfect for little guys

Our aprons are still fairly new but so far they have been easy to clean and have worked perfectly in both baking and some crafts that we have done (they have definately saved some kids clothes from being full of flour).

Creating a colourful background for an art project

My daughter actually informed me that my apron is now looking a bit sad next to their fancy new ones and has strongly suggested that I order myself one – she voted for the this blue one.

Baking Together always a fun a part of our home education

Ulster Weaver’s kindly offered to send both kids the apron of their choice.

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4 Responses to New Aprons

  1. another mom says:

    They look sooo nice in their brightly coloured aprons….and working hard at play (work) too.

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  2. Camie says:

    Those are darling aprons! I think you should get that blue one!

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