At Home With Punctuation Workbook Review

My son has really found the At Home with Spelling book helpful and easy to use (not too much in one go) so when I was wanting to revise some Punctuation I first looked to see if there was something in their At Home With Learning series. And there was an At Home With Punctuation book, so I thought it might be worthwhile giving it a try (it is aimed at ages 7 to 9).

At Home With Punctuation by Oxford University Press. Ages 7 to 9. Good revision book

It is not a detailed book, filled with page after page of examples to practice.  It is what I would call a revision book.  The entire workbook is 32 pages long of which 26 pages are actual content for the kids to work through and 3 pages are answers.  So what does it cover?

The contents page of At Home With Punctuation by Oxford University Press

Each topic covered has a Learn about section – explaining what the rules are, followed by a Now try This – 2 or 3 examples and a Challenge section – something slightly harder.

Then the following page normally continues on the topic but expands slightly so example for Sentences the first page spoke about using a Capital letter to start the sentence and a full stop and the second page talked about the sentence needing to make sense eg including a verb and noun.

At Home With Punctuation by Oxford University Press. Sentence page

At Home With Punctuation by Oxford University Press. Sentences include verbs and nouns

We have found this book to be just the right fit for us.  Good, brief explanation of what the rules are, exercises to practice without overdoing the exercises because let’s be honest doing page after page of punctuation practice can be a bit dry.

At Home With Punctuation by Oxford University Press. Contractions

The At Home With Learning series style appears to suit my son.  Once he has read a rule, understands it, practiced it one or twice he is set.  He tends to grasp concepts quite quickly and gets bored with repetitive practice.  Normally with my daughter we would choose something with more examples in it (she likes to practice something over and over), but for punctuation revision this really was enough for her.

At Home With Punctuation workbook by Oxford University Press.

As far as a punctuation workbook goes we thought it ticked all the right boxes.

For more information about the At Home With Learning Range (including what other books they have in this series) please look here – At Home With Learning

Otherwise the books can also be purchased through Amazon – At Home with Punctuation (7 – 9) and possibly at a local bookstore.

At Home With Punctuation by Oxford University Press. A review of the workbook

The lovely staff at Oxford University Press kindly sent us this book after I mentioned we were interested in trying it out.  All opinions expressed are mine and taht of my two little testers.

I have included an Affiliate link. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same. I only include affiliate links for products that we use and love.

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