The Drop in my Drink and The Pebble in my Pocket Review

The Drop in my Drink and The Pebble in my Pocket are two children’s books which look at the history of water on our planet and the history of Earth. If you are not teaching your kids about the Big Bang / evolution these books are not for you.  However if you are looking at the evolution of earth these two books are filled with information and they are written in an accessible style for children (although I do think it suits older children).

The Drop in my Drink and The Pebble in my pocket. the History of water and the history of our Earth

A drop in my Drink starts off with a little boy watching a drop of water drip out of a tap and he is wondering where the drop of water came from.

The Drop in my Drink. History of water on Earth

The book goes back to when the Earth was formed and how the lumps of earth that fused together contained water trapped between the grains.  The book takes the kids back and walks them through the different stages of the earths development and how the drop could have been in the ocean, in a river, under ground or in the sky as water vapour in the different stages.

It talks about how life on earth began as tiny single-celled organisms, how plants developed and that the drop of water from the tap would have helped those plants grow.  It goes through the development of animals (including dinosaurs) and how that drop of water would have helped them to survive.

It talks about how the water has helped to shape the earth’s surface, how it has at some stage been in the ocean, been a part of an iceberg, part of a coral reef ecosystem.

The Drop in my Drink. A children's book about the history of water on planet Earth

And then it come back to how that drop from the tap in now a drop in his cup.  And I love the way it is wrapped up – ” It has been inside an Egyptian princess and Tyrannosaurus Rex.”

The Drop in my Drink has been inside an Egyptian Princess and a Tyrannosaurus Rex

It is an interesting look at the history of water on our planet.  It is well written and very informative.  At the end of the book they have a page about how we need to look after our water, a bit about the water cycle and some amazing water facts.

The Pebble in my Pocket is written in very much the same style as the Drop in my Drink but this book focuses on the geological process, how the mountains and the landscape that is our earth today has been formed over million of years.

It begins with a young girl holding up a pebble and wondering where did the pebble come from.  It starts under a volcano and talks about how the molten rock is 9 time hotter than boiling water and how the crust of the earth is actually quite thin and how the lava coming out of the volcano actually ends up shaping the earths surface.

The Pebble in my pocket. A children's book about how the earth formed and changed over the years

It talks about giant plates colliding pushing up against each other to make mountains and how water seeping into the cracks and freeze and slowly mould the shapes into the surface.  It brings in how the animals evolved and how the animals evolution would have had an impact on that little pebble – maybe it would have been buried deep under ground.  A dinosaur with huge legs could have cracked a hole and exposed the pebble.  (Although both books are very similar I did not find that they overlapped more that they complemented each other).  It talks about glaciers and how the weather changes.  There is actually a lot of information that they manage to fit into the book.

The pebble in my Pocket. The History of the earth

At the end of the book they include a time-line.

I personally think both books are better for older kids as they do contain a vast amount of information and it would help if the kids already had a brief understanding of history.

For children who find prehistoric history fascinating and are learning about how earth was formed both books would be very interesting.  But again if you are not wanting to go down the big bang, evolution path then these are not the books for you.

Both books can be found in bookstores and on Amazon – The Drop in my Drink: The Story of Water on Our Planet by Hooper, Meredith (November 5, 2015) Paperback

The Pebble in My Pocket: A History of Our Earth

I was sent these book by the publishers in exchange an honest review

The pebble in my pocket and the Drop in my Drink. Children's book about the history of water and the history of the Earth







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