At Home With Spelling 1 Workbook Review

I wrote a review about the At Home With Spelling 2 workbook which I am using with my son but I did not include anything about the first book as we never used it with either kid so I knew nothing about what was in the workbook.  I have since been sent a copy of the first book by Oxford University Press so I thought it might be helpful for some of you if I detailed what is included in the book.

At Home With Spelling 1 workbook by Oxford University Press. Spelling practice for key stage 1

The At Home With Spelling 1 book is written for Key stage 1 ages (UK-based year 1 / year 2).  Each page covers 1 topic.  The pages are not cluttered and they provide space for large writing.  They also stick to only black and blue text colours which means the pages are not visually overwhelming.

At Home With Spelling 1 workbook by Oxford University Press. They leave space for larger letter writing

The topics covered are

  • The alphabet (giving examples of lower case and upper case letters)
  • Vowels
  • Consonants
  • Rhymes
  • Two consonants, one sound
  • Consonant blends
  • Double consonants
  • ar
  • or
  • Syllables
  • Word sums (introducing basic compound words)
  • Plurals (when you add s to the words)

At Home With Spelling 1 Workbook by Oxford University Press includes adding s to words to create plurals

  • Verbs adding er and ed
  • Endings er and ing
  • of verses off
  • Word shapes
  • Common words
  • Hard words

At Home With Spelling 1 Workbook by Oxford Univeristy Press. Ways to remember how to spell hard words. Key stage 1 ages

  • qu
  • Code cracking
  • Word search

The book is written as a revision type workbook.  If you are home-educating parent you will probably need to reinforce the concepts explained again as there is not a lot of practice (eg they have 1 page for syllables which if you have explained syllables to the kids before is fine but if it is the first time you are talking about syllables with your children you will probably need to extend it with other activities.  Same thing with the compound words you would probably want to extend that with extra activities).

At Home With Spelling 1 Workbook by Oxford Press introduces word sums or basic compound words for key stage 1 ages

The workbook sells for £3.99  – I have seen it in some bookstores and it is also available on amazon – At Home With Spelling 1

If I had not already covered most of what is included in this workbook I would have been happy to buy it to use with my son (I will be using the pages for the endings ed and er with him a bit later on).





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