Hello Nature Book for Children

We have a few birthdays coming up over the summer months and I often struggle to find really good presents for the birthday kids (turning 9/10 years).  I like to give them something that suits their interests and that has a learning angle.  My daughter has two friends who both love drawing / doodling and also enjoy learning about nature.  So when my daughter was sent this book – Hello Nature: Draw, Collect, Make and Grow, after I got over my initial desire to steal it for myself (I find drawing / doodling very relaxing) I realized it would make a stunning present for two “soon-to-be-birthday girls”.

The book includes drawing pages / colouring in and decorating pages / ideas on things to make and is filled of information but the information is scattered in amongst the drawing and doodling.

Hello Nature children's book includes the difference between frogs and toads

Some pages are as straight forward as the Guide to Daisies  (although I say straight forward but both my daughter and I were fascinated to discover that are so many different Daisies).

Hello Nature, children's book which has stunning colouring, drwing making activities and lots of information scattered amongst the pages like the Guide to Daisies

And other’s like the fungi pages have more detail and more information.

Hello Nature, Draw, Colour Make and Grow book for children. Includes lots of information and activities that are nature related like these pages about fungi

I really like the fact that all the illustrations and writing are only in black and green it encourages the reader to add their own colour and designs to the pages to make them unique.

And it is not just drawing and colouring ideas there are some lovely grow and make activities – Grow a Mini Fernarium, How to Make Rose Petal Perfume, Make a Grass Whistle, How to Grow an Avocado Tree.  This book is overflowing with ideas on getting children to appreciate nature.

Hello Nature, Includes growing, making activities like this Grow a Mini Fernarium

Hello Nature includes making and growing activities like How to make Rose Petal Perfume

I was also impressed with how much is included in this book.  The leaves, trees, flowers that you would expect but also details like the anatomy of a feather, details about fungi, bees, shells, and so much more.  The author has really impressed me with how much information and how many nature topics she has included.

Hello Nature, the anatomy of a feather

I think this book has managed to achieve a balance between learning and creating that will keep lots of children interested.

Hello Nature Wonderful Word of Bees

We were sent this book by the publisher.  But I have since ordered two copies as presents for two of my daughter’s friends which is just a testament to how impressed I have been with this stunning book

Hello Nature. A stunning children's book filled with drawing, colouring, making and growing activities. the book is filled with information about a wide variety of nature topics





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2 Responses to Hello Nature Book for Children

  1. realsloah says:

    Ooh, I like it! Have added it to my wishlist. 🙂


  2. Camie says:

    This looks like a wonderful nature book!


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