Distracting kids with eBooks

Yesterday our plans came to an abrupt halt.  We were suppose to be meeting friends but by the time we got there my son was doubled over with stomach cramps and not a happy little guy so we ended up coming straight back home.  The afternoon was then largely spent with me trying to distract a very uncomfortable and sore little guy (we think he ate something that did not agree with him as he is back to his cheerful self today).  After reading his latest favourite book to him twice I remembered the eBooks that you can download from the Twinkl website.

Twinkl original story. Back to Earth with a Bump

We started with two Twinkl original stories – Back to Earth with a Bump and Ronald the Rhino.  Both stories are very sweet and the kids enjoyed reading the books on “mums computer”.

Reading the Twinkl orginal story Back to Earth with a Bump. A lovely eBook which you can download as part of a Twinkl subscription

We then moved onto some of the traditional story eBooks – they have a wide range on their website.

It ended up being a great way of keeping my son busy.

And one of the bonuses about the Twinkl eBooks, they have activities to go along with each story.  So this morning the kids choose one of the eBooks as a topic and we printed out some of the activities.  They choose Back to Earth with a Bump.

They did some grid pictures.

Back to Earth with a Bump grid picture activity to go with the Twinkl orginal eBook

Worked on some time challenges – I really liked this as it was a great way of getting the kids to work on elapsed time.  If you depart one planet at a 7:00 and get to the next at 9:30 how long was your journey?

Back to Earth with a Bump time challenge worksheet from Twinkl Resources. great for practicing the concept of elapsed time

And there are different levels for this worksheet.  It starts with just hours and half hours and then goes onto 15 minuet intervals and later a total mix including 35 minute intervals and 25 minute intervals. Having different versions of the same worksheet suits our home learning style as I could sit with my youngest and help him complete the easiest version while his older sister did the more complicated ones.

Back to Earth with a Bump time challenge worksheets from Twinkl Resources

The kids also found some fun writing activities linked to the eBook.  My son’s favourite was listing what he would include in his backpack if he went on a space adventure (his list was not that most practical but he enjoyed the activity).

Back to Earth with a Bump writing activity. What would you pack in your backpack for a space adventure

I must be honest in that as much as we have used the Twinkl website in the past for our learning activities we have only ever used one of their eBooks before.  But both kids really seemed to enjoy reading the books and doing the activities so I think we might give another eBook a try next week.

Back to Earth with a Bump. A Twinkl original story. eBook and lots of activities to download from the Twinkl Resources website





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  1. another mom says:

    How times have changed….and the number of options seem endless….eBooks! not even thought of in my day. It must be so exciting to now have all these tools at hand!


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