Rescuing Rhino

My parents recently bought the kids a lovely book called Rescuing Rhino.  It is a very sweet children’s story about an orphaned rhino and how he was rescued by a vet and raised by the vet’s family.

Reading Rescuing Rhino together. A sweet fictional story about a baby rhino who is rescued and rasied by a young family

The story is lovely with lots of sweet bits like how the rhino got into the neighbour’s garden and ate all her flowers and how the rhino wanted to sleep on the children’s bed but he got to heavy and ended up breaking all the beds (my son thought this was the best a rhino sleeping on your bed).

Rescuing Rhino. A sweet fictional story about an orphaned rhino

Rescuing Rhino a sweet children's story about an orphaned rhino who is rasied by a family and later released

The fictional story is lovely but it is only part of the book. After the story there is a whole factual section.  It starts with information about saving the Rhino, same stats and then a section on orphaned wild animals, how they are raised in captivity and then released again.

Rescuing Rhino after the fictional story it includes some facts about orphaned animals

I really liked this as it expands on the story.  It is a brilliant way of taking a lovely children’s story and talking to the kids about some facts. The book is about an orphaned animal so in the fact pages they do talk about animals being orphaned.  My kids did not find it too graphic but we have spoken about animals been hunted on numerous occasions before and they are fine with it.  There is a photo of a dead elephant and a calf at her side as well as one of a rhino whose horn has been cut off (see below) but these are the only 2 images which I think highly sensitive kids might find sad.

Rescuing Rhino deals with the topic of orphaned animals like this elephant calf whose mom was killed

Rescuing Rhino deals with the topic of orphaned wild animals and does include an images of a few poached wild animals

And then after the factual section there is an activity / craft section.  This includes a footprint activity, some baking ideas and some fun crafts.

Rescuing Rhino a sweet children's book which also includes some craft ideas like this paper plate rhino mask

One of our attempts at a playdough rhino.

Rescuing Rhino a sweet children's story which includes some cute craft ideas for the kids to try after they have finished reading the story

I really like this book as they have combined a lovely story with some information about wild animals and then they included some crafts.  All in one book.  Very impressed.  And there are three other books in the series (so far we have two of the books).

Rescuing Rhino and Tad's Tale. Children's books which include sweet fictional stories, facts about the animals and some craft ideas

The book was originally bought for my kids by their grandparents in South Africa but I have searched online and you can also buy it from Amazon – RESCUING RHINO an orphaned baby rhino finds a new home: plus FACTS about SAVING WILD ANIMALS and FUN ACTIVITIES to make and do: Volume 4 (3 in 1 series)

And the other one is the series that we have is this one – TAD’S TALE the mystery of Tadpole’s disappearing tail : plus Facts about PONDS and WETLANDS and FUN ACTIVITIES to make and do: Volume 2 (3 in 1 Series)

Reading Tad's Tale. A lovely children's fictional story about a tadpole who is sad until be becomes a frog

Rescuing Rhino. A children's book which includes a sweet fictional story about an orphaned rhino. facts about wild animals and some fun rhino crafts











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