Make your own Learn to Draw Book

It is no secret I love “How to Draw” pages and my kids have been using them for some time now.  But I have never really stored them somewhere so often the individual pages would get packed away in-between other drawings or art activities. So I thought it would be a good idea to create our own Activity Village How to Draw Book and solve the issue of the missing How to Draw pages / Learn to Draw pages. (The Activity Village Learn to Draw pages that I used are part of their membership deal which is currently £12 for 12 months)

I used a plastic folder that we had in the house and slotted the Learn to Draw pages into the sleeves.

Create your own How To Draw book using the Activity Village How to Draw pages

I tried to keep the pages in a rough theme order.  So all the insects together then the transport vehicles, then people, then monsters etc.  The folder that we have is fairly big so I can store a large number of Learn to Draw pages in it, but I like the fact that I can also easily take them out and replace them with others.

Using the Activity Village How to Draw oages to create your own drawing book

Really easy and simple to do but it is just so much better than having all the Learn to Draw pages scattered around the house.

And the kids are using it more just because they know where the pages are.

Using the How to Draw Monsters page out of the Home-made How to Draw book created using downloads from Activity Village

Using the Activity Village How to Draw pages to create pictures

And I am noticing that the kids have certain favourite Learn to Draw pages and as they get more and more confident with the basic drawings they are actually using them in their own creative ways.  My youngest often follows the basic drawing and then adds his own creative flair to the way he colours it in.

Creating a picture using one of the Activity Vilage How to Draw pages

While my oldest has started playing around with creating her own pictures.

Using the Activity Village How to Draw an Owl to create a picture

How to Draw Tulips from Activity Village

And me,  I have finally solved the answer to “Mom where is that How to draw page that we used last month ?”

Create your own Learn to Draw book using pages from Activity Village








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1 Response to Make your own Learn to Draw Book

  1. another mom says:

    I love this activity and can see some future artist thanking their mom for the practice and confidence this activity has given them.


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