Real or Nonsense Ingredients for the Cauldron

I have been looking for a fun phonic activity to do with my son (aged 6) but never really thought of the real vs nonsense word activities I have seen until I stumbled upon the witch/wizard version by Twinkl.  The idea being that the kids read the words, decide which is real and which is nonsense and then place the real words in the real cauldron.  Their pack includes cauldron pages which you can print out and the kids place the words on the cauldron sheet but I thought it would be fun to make it a bit more interactive. So I set up a potion area for my little wizard.

Potion making area all set up waiting for the Wiizards to come and decide which are real and which are nonsense ingredients

I only used goodies which we already had in the house.  For the Nonsense cauldron I used an old plastic container and the real cauldron is a play cauldron we bought a couple of years ago.  Inside the cauldrons I placed some craft pom-poms and I raided the kids toys and found some insects and creepy crawlies just to make the cauldron area a bit fun.  (Oh and old spice containers work really well in this sort of scenario).  I cut out the words and invited the local wizard to come and make a potion.

Phonic word activity from Twinkl. Only the real words get added to the Real cauldron

He thought it was a lot of fun and had a good go at sounding out the words.

Reading ingredient words to decide if they should be included in the potion.

I must admit there was a good selection of words.

Reading the words to decide if it is a real or nonsense word. Phonic activity from twinkl

One of the great thing about this activity was I quickly picked up which sounds he is still mixing up (when he read words with oo or oi in them he would often mixed these up).  It definitely helped me understand which sounds he needs a bit of extra practice with.

Twinkl have a bunch of these little packs  – for our purpose we mixed a few of them together

Nonsense and Real word activity from Twinkl. Place the real word into the real cauldron

but you could just stick to one set of words –  here are the links (all are part of their Paid for Classic package).

Halloween themed Real and Nonsense Word activity – phase 2

Halloween themed Real and Nonsense Word activity – phase 3

Halloween themed Real and Nonsense Word activity – phase 4

Halloween themed Real and Nonsense Word activity – phase 5

Hope your Wizards have as much fun as mine did.

Phonic Activity for kids. Decide which word is real and belongs in the cauldron and which words are nonsense

All Links and reference to Twinkl are valid at the time of writing this post. 







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  1. another mum says:

    Your little man must have loved this activity…..schoolwork can be fun

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