Minibeasts Art afternoon

The kids have been loving all the gardening and as a result we are going through a bit of a minibeast craze again – seems to be a spring / summer theme in our house.

So when I was wanting to get my youngest to do an art activity I knew a minibeast theme would be a big hit with him.  I set out the Detailed Minibeasts colouring sheets from Twinkl (free) some Pritt all purpose glue bottles and some of our coloured sand.

I had a sneaky suspicion that the kids would want to dive in with the glue and the coloured sand so I did an example of a butterfly for them.  I did one half by colouring it in first before adding the glue and sand and then the other half without colouring it in.  My example was exactly what the kids needed and they decided for themselves that they wanted to first colour in their pictures before they added the glue and coloured sand (Big Win for any mom with kids who are not excited about colouring in).

Minibeast detailed colouring pages with some Pritt glue and sand art

My little man went for a spider and my daughter went for a snail (we currently have a pet snail so she is loving all things snail related).

Minibeast sand art - using our pritt all purpose glue to trace over the outlines of the snail

After they finished the colouring we added the glue and sand art.  The Pritt all purpose glue bottle was prefect for this.  Both my kids found it easy to manage and they used it very effectively to trace over the outlines without spilling too much glue.  Also there was no overpowering smell so both kids where happy to sit for ages and work on their projects (in the past when we have tried something which had a very strong smell my kids would quickly finish and get out of there – no lingering to do extra  pages like they did this time around).

Sand Art Minibeast - spider page using free to download colouring pages from Twinkl

Minibeast sand art - adding his all purpose glue to the colouring page

We have used the coloured sand a number of times before, so we have learnt by lots errors what works best when using it in our home.  We keep the pictures on trays so as to avoid excess sand going everywhere and they use one colour at a time.  Once they have finished with the sand they tip the excess coloured sand into small plastic cups so we can re-use it later for another project – I am very big about keeping every small bit of left over art material to re-use at a later time.

Both kids love the sand art and produced lovely pictures.  I expected them to finish just one each but they thought it would be fun to use the coloured sand to make a spider’s web so we did an extra sand art picture together.

Minibeasts with sand art detailed added

And then they continued to colour in more pictures – 2 earwigs and a wasp.  Yes I did mention earlier that my kids are not big on colouring in.  But I have picked up a few tricks along the way to encourage it and some days when I manage to get everything just right they will sit and produce art work after art work.

Minibeast colouring sheets Free to download from TwinklMinibeast earwig page

Minibeast wasp colouring page

And my daughter dug around a bit in our art cupboard and had a go at glueing some sequence (left over from another art activity) onto a window art template (also left over) using her new All Purpose glue – it worked perfectly

Using the pritt all purpose glue on some window art

I was sent a lovely bag of Pritt goodies for my kiddies to use and the All purpose glue bottles that we used in this activity was part of the bag. 


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  1. Camie says:

    Oooh, I love all the different materials and techniques in this art!

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