We had an overdue family holiday in South Africa over the Christmas holidays.  The kids got to spend some quality time with family members and I got the rare chance to catch up with family and have a break from the homeschooling / blogging routine.

We managed to include a few special animal related outings in our holidays.   The kids loved seeing the penguins at Boulders Bay and the cheetah outreach program was brilliant (both Cape Town).

kids with penguins

But for my youngest the animal highlight was when we got the amazing opportunity to see around 150 elephants all congregated around a watering hole at Addo elephant park just outside of Port Elizabeth.  He loved it.

The kids also had the chance to help their godmother make some home-made pasta, something which both kids are now begging for us to do at home (it was very tasty).

pasta making

Both kids handled the flights really well (in the past flights have been a big issue with their SPD), are we are slowely starting to get back into our old routines again.

I have returned after the holiday with more energy and more enthusiasm that I have had in ages.  I have a long list of crafts ideas / learning themes and lots of new recipes that I want to try.  We left for our holiday with 2 suitcases and returned with 4 full suitcases (yes I bought lots of goodies while we where back in SA) but that is also how I feel.  When we left here I was definitely running low but now I feel positive and full of energy for our new year ahead and I am even more enthusiastic about that the fact that I get to homeschool my two bundles of joy and learn with them (apart from their one request which is to learn more about snakes I think I may just leave that as a father teaching moment).

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2 Responses to Holiday

  1. Lucinda Leo says:

    You do sound positive! Such a great feeling, I love coming back from holiday feeling refreshed and enthusiastic. Yes, we are so lucky we get to homeschool, aren’t we?


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