Present boxes

As part of encouraging the kids to recycle we have been making a big effort to use as much of the recycling as we can in our art projects.  Our present boxes started off as just a painting old cereal boxes (and one tea box)  idea and it grew from there.

The kids got to paint the boxes any colour they wanted (it is best to do 2 layers so that all the writing on the box in properly hidden).  Mine also wanted to paint the inside of our boxes, but you do not need to do this.

Painting cereal boxes

We left ours to dry properly overnight.

Then the kids choose their own images to decorate the boxes with.  They both have enjoyed the Christmas stick puppets (platinum) from Twinkl so they asked if I could print another copy for them and my daughter asked if she could make a butterfly (gold) one.

My daughter and I did the cutting and then the kids decorated the boxes as they wanted.

Christmas boxes being made on ofamilyblog

Christmas boxes with santa and the elfAnd the end results.

My son made a Santa on his sleigh box.

Christmas boxes with Santa on his sleigh using Twinkl stick puppet imagesAnd my daughter made these two

Christmas boxes - Santa and his elves using Twinkl stick puppet images

Present box with butterflies onThe kids have already informed me that they are using the boxes for the dad’s Christmas presents (apparently they are drawing him some pictures for his Christmas present).

Present boxes found on ofamilyblog made using Twinkl images

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1 Response to Present boxes

  1. another mom says:

    What a good idea….anyone receiving these will think of the love and effort put in by your little ones….that is a present in itself!


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