Simple home-made doubling and halving aid

I actually made this a while ago for my daughter but never included photos on the blog.  As  I have recently received a number of comments about the maths goodies that the kids use and some have asked for more of the home-made items I thought I would include this one.

This is very simple, no frills at all, so as not to distract my daughter.

Doubles and Halves

I started off with a piece of A4 card, folded it in half and then divided the length into a number of smaller sections so that I would know where to cut. (In the photo below I only cut up to the vertical line.)

fold A4 card and cut the flaps outA4 card with flaps cut out

In the middle I wrote the numbers and then I folded over all the flaps and wrote the answers under each flap.

Doubling and halving aid found on ofamilyblog

Times 2 and Divided by 2 aid found on ofamilyblog

Yes very simple and no frills at all but when my daughter started doubling and halving numbers it was a great reminder for her.

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  1. Reha says:

    It’s fun and engaging thx

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