Rugby Maths is Cool

The kids watched some of the World Cup Rugby with their dad over the weekend and they really enjoyed it.  We had almost continuous questions throughout the whole game and both kids have been talking about the game a lot, so I thought it might be fun to include it in our Maths.

I had spotted these Rugby jersey’s on Twinkl (Platinum ) and I liked the look of them.  They have a jersey for each number from 1 to 20 and they have a matching jersey for each number with the corresponding number of dots on them.

Rugby tops from Twinkl

I printed the Rugby Tops on card, cut them and stuck each jersey (or shirt) onto a craft stick with some tape.    We started off by just matching the Rugby tops with the numbers to the Rugby tops with the dots on (I really like that the dots have been grouped into 5’s).

Rugby Tops from Twinkl attached to craft sticks

Rugby Top with numbers on

We also set out all our numbered Rugby tops in a green rice tub.

Numbered Rubgy Tops on craft sticks in some green rice on ofamilyblogI removed some of the numbered Rugby tops and my son had to place them back in the correct position.  (We extended it a bit for my daughter and she had to remove all the even numbered tops and then she had to remove all tops in multiples of 5)

Insert the missing Rugby jersey into the green rice field

My son has been asking me for his own sums lately so we had a go at doing a few with the tops.  We first did the sums just using the tops with the dots on them and then we added the tops with the numbers below.

Rugby Top addition sums

We later added the dotted tops to our rainbow rice tub and my son (with some help from his big sister) had another go at allocating the dotted tops behind each of their numbers.

Rugby Tops - matching th dots to the numbers in the green rice tub

Rugby Maths

Rugby Tops - matching the tops with the dots to the tops with the numbersMy son told me afterwards ” Mom, Rugby Maths is cool. ”

So tomorrow I think we might have a go at using our Rugby Tops with some playdough.

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