The Bad-Tempered ladybird clock and mini book

A few weeks ago my son choose the Bad Tempered ladybird book by Eric Carle at the library and he has loved it.  To be honest we all have loved the story.

My daughter really enjoyed making her own Brown bear Brown bear book and recently asked me if we could make another so I thought we would try to make our own Bad-tempered ladybird book.  The idea being that for every picture she has to write out the correct time and which animal it is and possibly a phrase or two.  The pictures that we used are actually The Bad-Tempered ladybird stick puppets from Twinkl.

bad tempered ladybird writing book

I also thought it would be a great idea to use the book to practice time with both the kids.  My youngest is just learning the basic o’clocks whereas my daughter is starting to do the whole 5 minute past.  So I thought this clock from Twinkl was a great one to use.

clock visual aid showing 5 mins

Twinkl clock with the 5 minute flaps

I really love this clock.  We printed our clock on card and coloured in the numbers ourselves.  We matched the colours with the numbers (eg the 1 and the 05 are coloured in the same colour).  We did this as an extra visual aid for my daughter as she is a very visual learner.

The bad tempered ladybird book with the Twinkl clock

The clock has been a great hit with both kids, only  now they each want their own one, so this weekend we are going to make a second one.

making our own bad-tempered ladybird book

And the book turned out to be great writing and spelling exercise – she is very proud if it !!

The Bad-Tempered ladybird activity.  Make your own mini-book and use the clock to go with it



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