African animal stencil pictures

This week we are doing a bunch of activities around African animals.  We have a small African world set up in the one corner of our lounge and the kids have been enjoying it, although I must admit my son seems to be loving the idea of introducing his T-Rex into the African world.  hmm

To start out African week I thought we would do an art project.  I printed off these great FREE stencils from trusty Twinkl and cut them out on some card.  (Safari animal templates)

We used some blue tack to stick the stencils onto some paper and then the kids coloured around and over the stencils with their oil pastels.

african animal stencilOnce the kids had finished going all the way around the stencils they pulled the card stencils off the page

african stencils 2

African stencils blue elephantIt really is a simple project to do with the kids and I love the results.

African stencil art elephant african stencils 3African stencils vulturesKids creating African animal pictures using Free to download animal stencils.  Great art project for young kids and the end results are stunning


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1 Response to African animal stencil pictures

  1. hicamie says:

    Fun! Great way to use stencils in art.


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