Numbers and number bonds without writing

I have to admit I love worksheets.  I love printing off a page and getting Pink to complete it and then being able to file it away as proof that we have done something.  But I also have to admit that Pink only likes doing one or two pages tops before she gets frustrated.  Pink has a great pencil grip and is forming her letters nicely but her hand gets tired very quickly so she gets frustrated.  She wants to learn but she gets despondent when her hands gets tired and she still has some answers to write down and then she will often just give up and walk away.

So this year we are going to be doing lots of fun activities and games to help strengthen her hands and her shoulders but in the mean time I still want to match her thirst for learning but I want to avoid at least some of the frustration.  As a homeschooling mom I am thankful that I can tailor my childs learning to her strengthens and work on her weaker points in fun ways.

Pink has been coming to me the last 2 weeks asking me questions about adding bigger numbers and as she comes with the questions I answer them for her.  But with this renewed enthusiasm for Maths I wanted to revise her number bonds up to 10 just to make sure our basics where solid.

We started off by revisiting her butterfly number bond cards (free on Twinkl).  She loves these I have already been tasked with finding her some more for her bigger numbers.


We also did some Math cards buried in a big plastic tub of fruit loops.  We do not normally have fruit loops in the house so the fact that she could do some Maths cards while munching on some fruit loops went down very well.  The heart maths cards were done by 3 Dinosaurs and are free to download at Homeschool Deals.


We then did some cutting and pasting of our numbers.  I made some basic number Mats for Blue to do while his sister was doing her maths however as often happens in our house everyone wants to join in.  So I added some sum tabs for Pink to cut and stick on her numbers.


She really does prefer doing her work like this so going to make some more pages like these for her bigger numbers this week.

Here are the Number cut and past pages

Number cut and paste

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