Starting year 2 and making Collages

The kids and I had a blast this weekend experimenting with our food dye and bits and pieces out of the kitchen cupboards.  We started off dyeing some rice, mainly as we have done this a number of times before so we knew what to do.  Blue was in charge of this and no big surprise he choose to dye the rice – Blue.  We then dyed some chick peas purple using water colours. This was the first time I have used water colours to dye sensory tub fillers and it turned out really nicely plus there was no vinegar smell.  We also did some chick peas with food colouring and we dyed some corn.  I was attempting to dye the corn red so we could use it in a planned autumn art project but they turned out pink instead.


Luckly for me my little girl thought they looked like pink jewels and promptly informed me that she was taking ownership of the pink corn.  I have been so inspired by the results of what we did this weekend that I have ordered some more goodies with the weekly groceries shop so we can try more of the great ideas on this lovely blog post – How to Dye sensory Tub materials.

And so far none of the items have been used in sensory tubs they have been used in art, imaginary play and more art.  Both the kids are going through a sticking craze at the moment, they are making pictures and signs with all kinds of strange and wonderful items. So after chatting to Pink about how to answer those questions that we keep getting asked  – “where do you go to school, what year are you in “.  We both decided to make some signs.  Pink loved this idea, she smiled and chatted the whole way through.  I think in a strange way it  helped to build some confidence in answering ” those questions” as she kept telling me, while she worked, what she will say next time she gets a question.




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