Our favourite free resources from Twinkl

The last few weeks I have been trying to get a rough plan of what we are going to do in the next 12 months and get a few things printed out and sorted.  I have downloaded a bunch of the Twinkl free resources to use and I know that there are a bunch on their website that I have not even seen yet.  So I thought it might be a nice idea to do a post about some of our favourite Twinkl pages.  This is in no particular order and is in no way the complete list of their free downloads, but hopefully it will give you a taste of what they have to offer.


Numbers / Maths

Number cards with spots on  – these are great to use as basic number cards 1 – 20

0-30 Number lines – we love using number lines with our Maths. I have actually printed off a few of these and have laminated them for the kids.

100 square – one of my must haves.  We have one pinned on a board so that they can always refer back to it.

Number train – I have written about this before we just love this one.


Pizza fraction display posters – visual aid for introduction to basic fractions.

Number formation Dinosaur booklet – dinosaur mad kids will love this. I have printed this booklet for Blue to do this coming year.

Double matching activity – While I was writing this post I had some of the Twinkl resources lying on my bed, Pink took these puzzles and I later found her in her bedroom doing the cards on her window sill (had to sneak a photo in).

Twinkl 2

They also have a number of different themed counting sheets.


KS1 Keywords on bricks

Sound Mats – these are great for the little ones to refer back to when they are learning their sounds and they have a bunch in different themes.

Gruffalo stick puppets – we love ours !!!!! We used ours with the book but the kids have also used them with other stick puppets to make up their own stories (Subsequent to writing this post Twinkl have had to remove these stick puppets).


Letter writing page – this is great to laminate and let the kids practice tracing the letters and then trying to write in the empty line below.

Letter writing page 2 – this has all the letters in the top line and then a number of empty lines below for practice

Wow words on cupcakes – descriptive words on colourful cupcakes – so many fun things you could do with these.  I have them printed out waiting to be used in the coming months.

Tricky words stepping stone sheet – they have a number of different sheets for different words so just type the phrase “tricky word stepping stone” in and choose which one you like.


Compound matching word split – compound words divided into 2 words and then the kids need to match the words up

bed page – this is a useful page to print out and use teaching the difference between b and d. We have ours on homeschooling board.

Multiple word meaning matching activity – printed off and on my list to do soon

Triceratops days of the week – when my little boy is older he is going to love these.


Themes – this list would be endless so just a few.

Arctic animal cards – Pink is Arctic animal mad.

Label the mini-beast

butterfly life-cycle worksheets

label the body (a4)  – On our list to do this coming year

bean life cycle worksheet

Label parts of the plant

Flower colouring pages

flags of the world colouring pages – Great for using when learning about a country

0-20 on cauldrons – this would be great with Room on the Broom.

I could honestly go on and on, it really is worth spending some time checking out their free resources.

I am going to have a look at some of their premium resources in the next few weeks.  Pink and I have been reading Cave baby and she has asked about living in a cave so we are going to check out some of their stone man resources next week.  I am also finally going to have a look at their wonderful book resource packs – just having a problem trying to choose which book to do first as they have an almost endless supply of book resources.  Oh and I just stumbled on a very interesting looking “telling the time” pack.  So much to choose from.

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5 Responses to Our favourite free resources from Twinkl

  1. Thanks for sharing this with everyone as I’m sure the list will be really useful.


  2. I’ve only discovered Twinkl a few weeks ago. Loads of great stuff on there. I’m thinking of getting a subscription to get some of their pay stuff for my 10yo.

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  3. ofamily2014 says:

    I have just started looking at their subscription stuff and so far I have been impressed. I am going to be looking at what they have in a lot more detail in the next 2 weeks and hope to do another post on it.


  4. reemdn says:

    Reblogged this on reemdn.


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