A little bit of quiet in a busy house

Our house has been unusually busy this last week.  Pink’s Ouma is visiting from South Africa and their dad is on holiday so there is not as much quiet and down time as Pink likes and to be honest needs. But all credit to Pink by day 2 of the busy house I noticed she had carved out a little corner with her playdough where she could sit and play and get some much needed deep pressure in her hands.  I did not say anything at first as I wanted everyone to leave her alone and thankfully the other adults in the house did not notice this quiet play for a little while. Blue is naturally the louder child so he often distracts people which actually is often a blessing for Pink as it lets her get on with her activities. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA But by the end of day 2 her playdough corner had been discovered by Blue so the quiet was gone (although I have to give credit to Blue for a 3.5 year old he is very good at realizing when big sister needs some downtime). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA But thankfully we now have a bit more space so I managed to create a few more corners for some quiet play –  her cupcake playdough set, her sticker books and other art activities.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


I am so proud that she is starting to know when she needs to have a break from the chaos and that she is now able to set herself with an activity that she can do quietly.  Such good progress and yes a clear indication that kids with sensory processing disorder do learn how to cope better as they get older.  So I know that as long as we continue down our path life will get easier and we will start coping better.  And that for any mother of a child with sensory processing disorder is what helps us sleep better especially after one of those days when it all goes wrong !!

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