Marmalade Cake

Pink loves baking so it was no surprise when she discovered the Cbeebies show I Can Cook, that she just loved it.  She recently watched an episode where they made marmalade cake and asked if we could bake some.  When I told her I did not know the recipe she informed me that all the recipes from the show are on the website.  So I searched and she was correct.

Recipe for marmalade cake

I have to admit that this is a very easy recipe to make with kids and it was so simple that I let each kid make one loaf/ cake for themselves

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd bonus it was actually very tasty, I have no doubt that hubbie will be finishing the left over when he gets home from work


The kids did battle when they tried to cut slices as it just crumbled but that in no way affected their enjoyment of making the cake and gobbling it all up.

I had a look around the recipes on the Cbeebies website and we will be trying some more in future – there is a very yummy looking one with bananas and toffee that I am sure will be loved by all in the family !!!

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