Ice- cream addition with a bit of help from Thomas and Friends

Pink has never been a fan of ice-cream, it just did not agree with her spd, it was too cold and she hated the texture.  But she is learning to tolerate a lot more these days and is even discovering that some of the old things that use to upset her actually are now enjoyable.  And Ice-cream has now been discovered in our house – just in time for summer !!!

So I thought I would try and make her some ice-cream maths.  We have been talking a lot about doubling numbers lately.  It started when we where reading some Thomas and Friends stories and we spoke about how Thomas has 3 wheels on one side and 3 wheels on another which mades 6 wheels in total (it helped that we could use Blues Thomas toy to look at this).  We then moved on to the other engines.  Percy has 2 wheels plus 2 wheels which gives 4 wheels, James has 4 wheels plus 4 wheels which gives 8 wheels etc etc.

So when I started making her ice-cream cones I thought we could practice the doubling idea.  I wrote the total on the cone and wrote one of the numbers on the first scope of ice-cream and left Pink to fill in the second scope.


She thought this was great.  She got a bit stuck with the 8 so we dug out her number line (she made this a while ago and loves using it, I think mainly because she made it).  I got her to put her one finger on number 8 and the other on the 4 and we counted the hops from the 4 to the 8.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd she even asked if we could hang the finished ice-cream cones on the board !!!

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  1. Perfect timing for discovering the delights of ice-cream! I really like the maths idea and I certainly think that it is something my youngest will enjoy.
    Thanks so much for linking up with this weeks #homeedlinkup

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