Play is hard work !!!

Pink often asks what daddy does when he goes off in the morning – work, then she will normally ask me what my job is – to look after the kiddies and then finally she will ask what her job is – my answer is always TO PLAY !!!!

Pink only just turned 6.  When I was 6 we played and we played and we played some more and I think I turned out okay.  I passed all my exams and went to University, I had a good job before I traded it in to become a mom.  Why do we want to rush our kids past the playing stage they learn so much through play.

Over the weekend we had some IKEA furniture which we where assembling so Blue got some cardboard and built himself a train track, no-one helped he figured it out himself, wooden blocks and all.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love that the kids integrate their toys, they are forever using some of the craft supplies in their games – notice the pom poms where being used as rocks blocking the track

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd out wooden blocks are always used, here they where using the blocks to build the trains some sheds

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd when they have been allowed to play and create games they normally end up coming to ask if they can draw, write a note, do some maths (some sort of school activity).  Which is a big bonus for me as it means another day when I did not have to nag about the school work (Blue always asks to do school work like big sister – so here is a picture of his “school work” – colouring in a picture and matching the colours)



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1 Response to Play is hard work !!!

  1. insight into another moms day says:

    Your children do seem to have good imaginations and the space to use them….


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