Kids Books – The Ark adventures

I stumbled onto a set of lovely books called Ark adventures by Sally Grindley and Alex Paterson.  It is a very modern entertaining version of Noah and his Ark and his attempts to get the different animals on his Ark.  Each book starts off with Noah and Mrs Noah arriving somewhere eg Africa, they get out their Big Book of Animals and select an animal that lives in the ares to come and join them on their Ark.


Blue who is normally a car or train book reader is really enjoying these books and is finding the animals very amusing.  After reading the Giant giraffes Blue actually went and got his toy giraffe out and was helping him reach the leaves on the tree (he borrowed the bean which Pink has been growing).  Had to add the photo of the giraffe – just so sweet.


The books in the series are :

  • Giant giraffes – based in Africa
  • Too slow tortoises – based in the Galapagos Islands
  • Pesky Sharks – based out in sea
  • Cheeky Chimpanzees – based in the forests in Africa
  • Crazy Chameleons – based in Madagascar
  • Hungry Bears – based in Northern America
  • Playful Penguins – based in Antartica
  • Kung Fu Kangaroos – based in Australia

The home-educator in me could not resist getting out our Map puzzle (from ELC here in the UK) so that Pink and I could look for the location of each story.


And naturally it also was a good excuse to revisit the terms herbivore and carnivore as they do mention in each book what the animals like to eat.

If you are in the UK the series is currently very cheap on the Bookpeople website but I have also seen the books on Amazon.  We are all loving them (yes even me as it is a nice change).

Oh an another great thing about these books as they would make great readers (Pink is not at that stage yet maybye another 6 months and we could give some a go – with a bit of help).

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