Calender cards – May and June

I love the flower calender cards which 3 Dinosaurs have done for May and June (picture below – aren’t they stunning ?).



I printed them off last night and was busy laminating and cutting them and getting really excited as Pink has loved their flower pack so much when I thought it might be nice to try and do some cards for Pink in Afrikaans.  I have done the days of the week and the Month names – Mei and Junie.  My idea is to use the English calender cards from 3 Dinosaurs in the morning as a start to the day.  Eg Pink gets to choose the cards for the day and date and put them on the board and then once she has done this I will ask her what it would be in Afrikaans and get her to put the Afrikaans day and Month under the English.  Not sure how this will work but this is the idea.


So if anyone else would like the Afrikaans cards for the Day of the week and Months they are on the 4 share account here – Afrikaans calender cards – Mei Junie. 


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