Geography with Disney CARS and Disney PLANES

We are suppose to be on our 2 week Easter holiday but that does not mean that my kids have stopped learning.  Today after we go back from a trip to the playground and the shops, the kids asked if they could watch CARS 2 while they eat their bagels.  Normally we do not watch TV during the day but I figured they are suppose to be on holiday so why not.  In the middle of CARS 2 I noticed Pink had her world map puzzle (from ELC in the UK) out and was following the route of the race (Japan / Italy / UK).  This was something we did together when we watched Planes so I was very chuffed to see that she was doing it by herself.


She also dug out one of my “school files ” and started paging through it.  I lot of the projects or school work that I plan is printed out and filed in a shelf which Pink can reach.   We got the Where in the world maps out and we started plotting the course on the map (again this is something which we had done with the Planes movie so Pink had a good idea what to do).  With this I was focusing on the country more than the city when plotting the course.


So now I am not feeling like a “naughty mom” for letting them watch their movie, we managed to squeeze some learning in without me planning it and without them feeling like they where doing work.

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Home educating family based in the UK. We try to make learning fun
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