Easter has arrived

Easter has been very slow arriving at our home this year.  Last year we did lots of Easter crafts weeks ahead of time but this year both kids have been so busy with their other activities and their own learning.  This morning however as their dad left for work Pink declared just one more sleep and then daddy is home for the whole long weekend – yes Easter had finally arrived.

We added some plastic Easter eggs to our flower sensory tub. This tub is mainly made up of green shredded paper, some small sunflowers and some coloured wood shavings.  Pink has been “replanting” the sunflowers into old egg cartons.   Blue has also enjoyed this tub although I must admit he tends to use it to hide his cars – but no complaints he is having fun.



I left some of the Easter Dot marker pages (done by 3 Dinosaurs  for Free Homeschool Deals) on one of their table and they both where soon sitting decorating their eggs.


Pink also saw I had a sand art egg on the shelf so she quickly got that down and both kids did one each.   These are from crafty crocodiles in the UK (they have lots of different sand art pictures if you look on their website).  Blue really enjoyed this, it was the first time he really got into the sand art, I had to help him removing the strips as the bottom card kept tearing but apart from that he did it all by himself.  Pink has done sand art before and enjoys it so she worked on her egg by herself.  This is really a great sensory activity.  Pink has already informed that she will be making another one tomorrow with her dad.



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