Learning by parking our cars (toy cars)

I have have seen a number of different versions of this on Pinterest so I thought I would give it a go.  I wrote out a number of words that we had recently learnt and some words which Pink gets confused.  Then I left the piece of paper with a basket of their cars on a table in and waited till morning.  Within about 10 minutes of coming downstairs Pink was looking at the set-up and asked what she needed to do, I explained and off she set.  As she parked a car on a word she would say the word.


This was a great success, it is so easy to do and such good practice for the kids.

A few days after we did this Pink got a highlighter out and went back through the list of words saying them and crossing the words out as she said the word.  She took great pride in showing me the piece of paper with all the words crossed out.

This was such a big hit that I thought we would change it slightly for Blue as he asked me to teach him his numbers.  I wrote numbers on stickers inside a car outline and then he had to park the car in the correct place. Pink and Blue did this together.


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