Foxxy crazy !!

Pink has gone completely Fox crazy lately.  It started off when they watched just a little snip of a CBeebies program called Abadas, they loved the songs and the characters.  Pink loved the fact that the fox (Ela) has a “special nose” that means she can smell things better than lots of other animals.  She immediately related this back to her having super senses (when we talk to her about SPD we talk about super senses so that she sees it as positive).

Link in case you have never heard of Abadas

This new love for Abadas has resulted in lots of colouring in of the Abadas pictures (just this by itself would be enough for me to love Abadas as Pink does not naturally like to colour in).  And prompted a quick study of foxes.  I found a picture for her to colour in – she had to make sure that she used realistic colours for this picture and we talked about what makes a fox special.  Then she stuck her picture in her new animal book (she loved this idea so much that she has given me a list of animals which we need to do each week) and she wrote out the key words in the page next to in.  She managed to sound out a lot of the words but did need some help with the longer words like nocturnal.



She also found some small pictures of foxes in among the other homeschooling packs that we do and cut them out and stuck them onto her fox page.

So once again the BBC’s good programming has resulted in some fun learning for the kids.

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