Room on the Broom Fun

My kids love Julia Donaldson books and I have to admit as far as childrens books go they are not annoying like some can be.  After the Gruffalo madness seemed to calm down a bit both kids went witch mad.  We do not do scarey or bad witches in our house the only witches we really do are Room on the Broom and the Winnie the Witch stories.

I found these great sequence cards on the Primary Treasure Chest  website over a year ago but now I can not find them on their website anymore.


I have been since found some other lovely looking sequence cards at Twinkl (these are part of their Platinum package)

We also found some great activities on the Room on the Broom website including this cute colouring in picture


And the home educator in me thought it would be a good idea to do a few worksheets for Pink.  Room on the Broom has some lovely rhymes so I wrote out some of the rhyming words from the book and then Pink had to read them and match the two rhyming words


I also wrote out a few of the phrases from the book which the kids have memorized and left out some words so when Pink read the sentences she had to fill in the missing words


I have found with Pink that she actually likes it when I hand write these little worksheets for her as apposed to using the computer.

But by far the favourite activity has been one which the kids did all by themselves.  They dug out some witches hats, got two fairy wands that there lying around and got on their toy hobby donkeys (from IKEA )and spent almost half a day re-enacting the story (sorry no photos as all the photos show the kids faces).


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