All about Politics – a book review

With all the Russian history we have been looking at lately I felt like we needed to get a better understanding of the type of governments that you can have, what different political parties really stand for and which ones are considered left verse right.

I spotted this book – All about Politics and thought it looked interesting so I asked DK if we could get a review copy and they kindly agreed to send us one.

As soon as we received this book I loved it and my daughter immediately started reading it (that is always a good indication that the layout is inviting and easy to digest). I was actually impressed with how much they cover and I loved how they kept the concepts so visual – we are very much a visual family so we like pages with lots of diagrams and short, concise paragraphs.

We loved that it contained little gems like words with archy – means a style of government while words with ism mean a set of political ideas.

The book has the rainbow of political ideas beautifully set out and after reading this we are now confident with the whole left vs right, where does Fascism fit it, what is Anarchy, what are the branches of a healthy government even what are the stages of a Coup (we loved that this was included).

But I must also admit that I really liked how they included so much background (history) on politics, we found that fascinating and actually really enlightening.

This book is a real gem and one that we are finding incredibly useful. Understanding all these different political ideas and movements has helped my daughter understand the political movements involved in her Russian Revolution history. Seeing the Rainbow of political ideas and seeing how Communism and Fascism are on opposite sides was such a clear, visual representation that you immediately understand that Mussolini and Hitler were never naturally going to be true friends to Russia (yes I know it is more complicated than just that, but it helps when you understand how completely different their style of governments were). Understanding what a healthy governments should look like also helped to highlight the shortfalls on the Lenin (and later Stalin, we are still getting to him) style of governing. Really this book has helped us understand our history and gain a much deeper understanding of the political and government side of it.

My daughter and I are really enjoying this book and we both Highly Recommend it.

As I mentioned above you can get this book directly from he DK website – All about Politics or you can also get it from Amazon – DK’s All about Politics.

Admin – As I mentioned above I requested a review copy of this book. All opinions expressed are our own (the daughter and mine).

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