An Inspector Calls Workbook for GCSE or IGCSE English Literature

Just to clarify – We are only going to start working through an Inspector Calls after Christmas but I have already done all my prep work for it and I have my resources all lined up so I am sharing the resources that we are planning on using now and when we actually work through it I will write update posts giving extra feedback that I think is needed. I am doing it this way so the readers looking for options can read the posts now.

I knew I wanted a workbook for An Inspector Calls based on the fact that we used a workbook when we did Macbeth and both of us (my daughter and myself) found it incredibly useful. As we worked through the different activities in the workbook I definitely saw our understanding deepen, so for all of the texts that we are going to be covering for our IGCSE English Literature course I will look for workbooks (but workbooks where I think the activities extend our understanding). My first pick was the Oxford Workbook because I have the Oxford Literature Companion (so I assumed the two would work well together) and because the Macbeth workbook that we used and found so useful was an Oxford one (so I assumed this one would be of the same standard).

This workbook is split into 7 main sections and I have to save I appreciate all 7 of these sections.

Plot, Context, Characters and Themes – these are all the areas that I was expecting. I feel like I have a fairly good grasp on them (I have already done a lot of research and prep work for An Inspector Calls) but even so I like the activities, the way they have broken these down and then built them up. I like the fact that as we start discussing these topics I can open up this workbook and get my daughter to work through an activity. And yes even though my daughter and I do a lot of her literature verbally (ie we discuss it together) I still like her to sit down and write out her thoughts. I found with the Macbeth workbook that just sitting down and putting pen to paper really solidified her thoughts and her understanding.

Language – this is probably the area that I was most concerned about, helping my kid discuss the use of language, understanding why the writer used the language he did. So to say I am thrilled with this section is an understatement. The way it is set out is perfect, it just makes sense and I know working through this section will really help her answer any language linked question in a paper.

Performance. Both my daughter and I are more comfortable discussing novels as opposed to plays so I am really thankful they have included this section. I found looking at this activities really enlightening and I had a few “ahh, I get it now” moments. So for us this section is going to be brilliant.

And then finally the Skills and Practice section. This builds on the activities that the kids have done in the workbook, it takes that understanding they have been cementing and helps them start thinking about structuring their answers.

So content wise I am beyond satisfied with this workbook, it is what I was hoping for and more.

Activity wise, I like the varied activities, I like that they get the kids to think even more deeply about the play and I do feel like they have are really well chosen activities and activities that are worthwhile doing.

But a few extra points. First there are no answers for this. I am not too fussed about that at this stage as we are planning on working through the play together and it will be a case of – try these activities, now lets discuss your answers and see if there is anything extra that we could add. So it suits our style of English Literature.

Also throughout the workbook they have included little blocks called Upgrade. These are exam tips and I have to say some of them seem so self-explanatory but when you read them you do think – Yip I do need to remember that, glad I was reminded of that.

So thoughts on this workbook – I think it is going to be an incredibly valuable resource for us and good value for just £5.99.

We got our Workbook directly from Oxford University Press – here’s their link – An Inspector Calls Workbook.

I have also seen it in a few bookstores and you can get it from Amazon – OUP’s An Inspector Calls Workbook

Admin – A few months ago Oxford University Press did send me some resources for us to use in our home education. Which resources we used, and which resources we choose to write reviews and the opinions expressed in the review was al up to me. This is NOT a paid for post.

I do include Affiliate links. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product, I will be paid a very small commission, however your cost will remain the same. I only include affiliate links for products that we use and recommend.

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