Our home education.

There have been a number of new people viewing the site so I thought I should reintroduce myself and the troops.

  • ofamily learning together
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  • THe Night Zookeeper website
  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. An excellent read for kids

I am mom to two incredible kids who we home educate. My kids have never been to school. We (my hubbie and I) decided to home educate our oldest because we thought she would not thrive in a busy classroom environment due to her having sensory processing disorder (and our youngest joined the home ed routine when he was older because he also has SPD). When we first decided to home educate her we said we would take it year by year. Now we are in our tenth year and both kids are adamant that they want to continue home educating and we still think it is the right environment for them so we are continuing.

It is not always easy, I make mistakes and at times I get exhausted but I am very fortunate in that my husband is completely on board and he gets involved as much as he can (he works full time to pay all the bills). My kids are also amazing, they understand that mom makes mistakes and that there are lots of things that I don’t know and we have to sometimes learn it together (I actually think they like that). And no I am NOT a teacher, I don’t think I could ever manage teaching a class, two kids are enough for me. I am actually an Accountant and the original plan was I would go back to work once the kids were in school but well, things change……..

We do sort of follow the curriculum in a broad sense, but we do also follow the kids interests. My daughter loves History and English Literature so we do spend a lot of time on those subjects (more than she ever would at school) and my son is a bit of a project person, he finds something he likes and then he dives in and reads everything he can about it, learns how to draw pictures on it and even writes about it. Both kids will be sitting their GCSE (well probably the IGCSE) exams when they are ready and we are starting to narrow down possible subjects for my oldest and I am busy doing a lot of “prep” work towards that (I will probably be writing more about that over the next 2 years).

Okay so the blog. I am a home educator who blogs and not a blogger who home educates. What I mean by that is the home education of my two kids is ALWAYS going to the priority and if that means I don’t write a post because we are busy or something happens than so be it. It also means I only write about books and resources that we are using or have used. Yes I sometimes get free books but 99% of the time it is me spending time researching, finding what I want to use and then contacting the publishing company to ask for a review copy. I do not write about random books that we are not using for the simple reason that I just don’t have the time and energy to read something or spend the time learning about something unless it is part of our home ed (home educating is very time consuming and full on for me and extra time is something that I really do not have).

Even though it is our tenth year, I am still learning and we are still changing. As the kids get older we have to adapt to what works for them, so something that worked well 3 years ago may no longer work well today. It is a journey, a journey that is ever evolving but one that I am still 100% certain is the correct journey for our two kids. I honestly never planned on this journey but I did plan on doing the best we could for our kids, to help them thrive and for us that looks like this.

About ofamily

Home educating family based in the UK. We try to make learning fun
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