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About a year ago a book called Sky Hawk was recommended to us. We read it and we loved it. And I really do mean loved it. All three of us (yes I am including myself) were captivated by the story of the Osprey and the story of friendship and hope that the author managed to weave effortlessly together. There were some sad moments (I may have had a tear in my eye at one stage) but there were also moments of happiness at reading how everything unfolded.

It was such a massive hit with both of my kids that I started searching for more books by this author and luckily there are quite a few out there. So far I have read 3 of her books but my kids are racing ahead and have read a LOT. When I started searching for other books by the author, Gill Lewis, everyone seemed to say she was an animal story writer but I disagree yes there is a wildlife/ conservation message in all the books we have read but I actually think her books are about different people’s journeys, journey’s of self-discovery. And often there are hardships, sad moments but the journeys always include a powerful message of friendship, hope and the fact that most people are ultimate good underneath all their own pain and sadness. I think the fact that she weaves in the animal theme enhances the human journey because they often mirror each other.

Based on what I have read I would say the books are generally aimed at the 10+age group. And I have never felt that anything inappropriate has been included but they do deal with real issues, like a child coping with the death of her mother, another child in foster care, kids living harder lives, this is not, everything is wonderful type stories, there is a real life element to these stories. I think it makes the stories powerful and moving but I am aware some highly sensitive kids may find them upsetting.

All three of us highly recommend the author Gill Lewis. In fact my daughter recently created a list of her favourite authors and books and her top three authors were – Jane Austen, Gill Lewis and Lucy Worsley.

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