Match Mummy Egyptian Game

My kids always enjoying using their hands when they are learning – even just being able to pick cards up and move them about is more interactive that staring at a worksheet. So I was interested when I heard about a new Egyptian game created in association with the British Museum (which has a lovely Egyptian collection that my kids found fascinating – my kids are not fussed by things like mummies).

Match Mummy game. Great for Ancient Egyptian learning

It is quite a simple game. There are 40 cards with interesting Egyptian images on them and the kids need to match them up – but it is not straight forward match the exact same image – nope, this is match two images that are different but that deal with the same Egyptian concept. I liked this fact, it means the kids need to think a bit more – so the picture of the brain is linked to the hook that the Egyptians used to pull the brain out with, the body organs are linked to Canopic jars, the sun is linked to images of Ra – yip, not straight forward – a bit of thinking is required.

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But they do give you a helping hand. The matching cards come with a little booklet which shows which two images go together and they include a lovely explanation why the two images go together. Love this booklet. Really Love it. So much information is actually inside this little booklet. It is great.  My son actually really enjoyed reading the booklet – he likes short bursts of History and for him reading the booklet and just looking at the cards was just the right amount for a Good History session.

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I think little games like this are perfect for when you are learning about any History topic, it breaks up the boring string of worksheets and makes the learning more engaging which normally means the kids actually remember it.

I was given our Match Mummy game but I have checked and you can buy it from Amazon – Match a Mummy: The Ancient Egypt Memory Game.

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Match A Mummy game. Great for when kids are learning about the Ancient Egyptians


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