More Frogs and little Toad

Both my kids are currently tadpole obsessed. We have a number of them in a local pond near our house, our neighbour has some in his garden pond and we now have a few in our garden. And when I say obsessed I am honestly not exaggerating. Very day they spend ages watching them, talking about how they have changed and my son even has tried to chase a few of the local birds away (yes food chain happening right before our eyes which normally does not bother the kids but at the moment they are very much wanting as many tadpoles as possible to survive).

So I took some inspiration from their tadpole obsession and decided another frog learning session was in order. We started with a more detailed activity on how the body of the tadpoles change as they develop – so external gills, become internal gills which gives way to lungs. For this we use our lovely Explanatorium Nature book that I bought the kids last year and I printed out the Frog Life Cycle Colouring pages set from Activity Village (I used the set without any labels). I thought the two worked really well together. The book has some more detailed diagrams and information about frogs which I liked.

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Labelling the frog life cycle pages from Activity Village

And with each picture we tried to highlight the changes and significant features of the tadpole as it became a frog.

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I thought it worked out really well.

After our labelling the kids tried to draw their own frog skeleton.  We used a skeleton diagram out of our Who Owns these Bones book as a guide. I like skeleton drawing activities because each time we try a new skeleton the kids always notice something new.

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After that we decided to test out knowledge about the difference between Frogs and Toads.

I found this nice summary page on the website – Frog vs Toad which tied in perfectly with a cut and paste page from – both pages are free download and work really well together.

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I think we might try and look at the organs of a frog next, but that is for another day.



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3 Responses to More Frogs and little Toad

  1. Camie says:

    Fun! One of our first unit studies was on frogs and I still remember making a frog life cycle together.

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