Review -Understanding Maths – Number Patterns and Algebra Workbook

We are big fans of the Schofield & Sims workbooks and last year we used one of the workbooks from their Understanding Maths range (The Geometry One) and I was so impressed with it that I bought a few more of the other workbooks included in the Understanding Maths series.  This is not a sponsored post, this is just me sharing what is included in a workbook that we have used and found helpful.

I bought my daughter the Understanding Maths: Number Patterns & Algebra and the Understanding Maths: Practice books

Schofield & Sims Understanding Maths the Number Patterns and Algebra workbook and the Practice workbook. Key Stage 2 Maths for the UK

The Understanding Maths: Number Patterns & Algebra is written in the same Schofield & Sims style of their other workbooks – they stick to three colours which means the pages don’t become visually overwhelming, they don’t cram multiple ideas onto 1 page, 1 page = 1 idea or concept, the work is set out in a very logical fashion so as you work through the book it does build on some of the earlier concepts, but equally you can skip to sections that you want to focus on (we did the Roman Numeral section first and it is on page 23 and 24 and then we went and started at the beginning).

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At the top of each page there is a brief explanation (we like this as it means the kids can read it themselves and then if they understand they can work independently).

Number patterns and Algebra workbook an example of an explanation included in the book

Also they do include Progress Test pages in the book which we personally use as a summary revision of the last few pages and actually find it very useful. (and yes all answers are included at the back of the book).

Number Patterns and Algebra workbook by Schofield & Sims. an example of a progress test-1

We like this workbook and I think it is worth the £4.95. I find it ensures I am not leaving gaps and that I cover everything in a logical manner.  The one thing I will point out is it is NOT a detailed practice book like their Written Calculation workbooks – there are not pages after pages of examples.  So we have added our own extra practice (and have found the Practice book I mention below useful for this) but I have also just written our a few extra sums for the kids to do just to reinforce it.

The Book covers – counting on in 10’s, 100’s, 25’s etc, recognising multiples, working out numbers in sequences, fraction and decimal sequences, negative numbers, square numbers, Roman numerals, cube numbers, finding factors, prime numbers, explaining a formula using words, symbols and letters, simple algebra sequences.

The Understanding Maths: Practice is a practice book which covers all topics included in the Understanding Maths series (so Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division, Fractions, Decimals & Percentages, Number Patterns & Algebra, Problem Solving, Geometry & Measurement and lastly Statistics).  For each topic the Practice book includes around 8 to 10 pages of practice.  And it is just that it is extra examples, there are no explanations of the concepts – these explanations are in the individual books.  This is 100% an extra practice book.

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