Rock Explorer Books

We recently added the Rock Explorer Books to our home library.  There are 4 books in the set – Minerals, Rocks, Gems and Fossils.  I must start this post by admitting something Geography topics are not a strong area of mine.  But both my kids are finding the whole rock cycle / volcanoes / and general Geology very interesting so I am learning alongside them.

My kids and I are very visual learners especially when we are still getting a basic understanding of a topic.  I have found with both of my kids until they have a good basic understanding of the subject – books with striking pictures and key points are vital.

Rock Explorer Books Rocks. What is a Rock

Only after they have grasped the key points and developed a further interest can we bring out the long paragraph books. So for us these four books are perfect for our level of knowledge on the topic (The books are officially aimed at ages 6 to 9 but my ten-year old and her mother (ie me) have found them very useful and interesting so I think the age range could be extended a bit.)

reading the Rock Explorer books. Great introduction to Geology

Each book is 24 pages so they are concise.  Think stunning photos and short boxes of information (they do manage to include some interesting facts like the Most Deadly Minerals). And at the end of each book they have a Rock guide / Mineral guide / Gem guide / Fossil guide which we found very useful.

So what does each book cover.

Rock Explorer: Minerals

  • What is a mineral?
  • How minerals grow
  • Amazing crystals
  • Bright and Beautiful
  • Shinning metals
  • Strange and powerful
  • Most deadly
  • Hunting for minerals
  • Useful minerals
  • Mineral Guide

Rock Explorer Minerals - Amazing Crystals

Rock Explorer: Rocks

  • What is a Rock?
  • Igneous Rock
  • Sedimentary Rock
  • Metamorphic Rock
  • Amazing Patterns
  • Strange Shapes
  • Deep caves
  • Useful Rocks
  • Rock Art
  • Rock Guide

Rock Explorer. Rocks. Igneous Rock

Rock Explorer: Gems

  • What is Gemstone?
  • Colourful Jewels
  • Dazzling Diamonds
  • Precious Patterns
  • Hiding Inside
  • Found in the Ground
  • Rare and Strange
  • Cutting and Polishing
  • Famous Jewels
  • Gemstone Guide

Rock Explorer books the Gem book include bits about different stones like the Emerald

Rock Explorer: Fossils (my son loves this one because of the whole dinosaurs angle)

  • What is Fossil?
  • How Fossils form
  • Hunting for fossils
  • Sea Creatures
  • Discovering Dinosaurs
  • Strange and Extinct
  • Wonderful Wings
  • Precious Plants
  • Our Family
  • Fossil Guide

Rock Explorer books Fossils. Sea Creature page

These books were included in a lovely parcel of STEAM books that Quarto Publishing sent us.

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  1. another mom says:

    Yes, I would think that age range could include much older children….very interesting….


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