Mask Craft

We are definitely taking our time getting back into our normal rhythm after our Christmas break, so when my youngest asked if we could make some masks I got very excited and we quickly selected a few animal masks from the Activity Village website (they have a huge range of printable masks – Activity Village Masks).  For our crafting session we mostly used the black and white zodiac animal masks.  Tip – it is better to make the holes in the side of the masks before the kids start crafting.

Crafting with kids. Use the printable masks from Activity Village and let the kids create

My daughter started off by using some blow pens that we have on a standard mask template but it looks like the ink in our blow pens is drying up so we did not get the expected result.

Using some blow pens on a standard mask template from Activity Village

Then the kids tried some ” squeeze” paints (Mala paints in a tube) that we got from IKEA and I must admit the colours in these paints were really nice and bright.

Black and white tiger mask from Activity Village decorated with dimensional paint

And having to squeeze the paints out is brilliant for strengthening those hands (after two masks my youngest told me his right hand has aching from all the squeezing).

We also added a few crafty bits to the painted masks – I love the look of the feathers added onto the dragon mask. (Just make sure the kids use lots of glue if they are adding feathers, my son made one and was a bit light on the glue and we had to re-attach a few feathers when he tried to wear the mask).

Dragon mask from Activity Village decorated with paints and feathers

And of course we can not have a crafting session without using some tissue paper, so we made a tissue paper fox.  

Tissue paper fox mask

I really like this fox template as it is a very basic shape and I think the kids could use it create some more abstract masks as well.

And to end with my daughter just coloured in a bright dragon mask.

Colourful dragon mask. Black and white template downloaded from Activity Village and decorated by the kids

I LOVE crafting sessions like this, when the kids have a base to start with (the mask) and then they can create as they want, realistic or unrealistic, with lots of extra crafting items or with no crafting bits and pieces, painting, colouring, whatever they want.

Easy craft to do with kids. Mask templates from Activity Village

Extra note – the IKEA paints that we used are these one IKEA MALA – Fluorescent/glitter paint, assorted colours / 8 pack / 8 pack (they cost £8 if you buy them in IKEA).  The blow pens are from Tiger in the UK and the tissue paper and crafting feathers are just part of my stock (could have been bought in a number of different places).

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