Frog and Toad by Arnold Lobel

We have had our Frog and Toad Are Friends book for ages.  I first bought it for my oldest when she was a preschooler as a story book.  I choose the book initially because of the sweet, gentle stories about the lovely friendship between Frog and Toad and she LOVED it.  As a story book for younger children it was worth the five pounds I paid for it.

Frog and Toad Are Friends by Arnold Lobel. A sweet story book which also is a great reader

But over the years it has developed from a story book to a point out words and sounds book to a reader.  I think I have mentioned a few times how I love finding story books that double as good readers for the kids and this is one of those gems.

Reading Frog and Toad by Arnold Lobel to himself. A story book which becomes a good reader

Both my kids have used Frog and Toad as readers as they loved it.  It is a book they will happily take off the bookshelf by themselves and read over and over again (and for me this is key with young readers, finding books that they enjoy reading so that they develope a LOVE for reading and don’t think of it is a chore they need to do).

There is a good combination of easy words and slightly longer, challenging words that make it a good book for beginning readers.

Frog and Toad are Friends, some text from the story Spring

In fact I discovered a few years ago that the Core Knowledge books that I like – What Your Year 2 Child Needs to Know actually includes the Frog and Toad series in its recommended list of Books for Beginning Readers. (Just to be clear I did not choose the Frog and Toad book because it was one their list, we liked the stories, but it just made me feel good that a book we naturally love so much was included on a recommended reading list).

The kids and I LOVE the gentle, sweet stories of Frog and Toad and we recommend this book both as a story book and a reader.

Frog and Toad Are Friends. An extract from the story The Letter

When I looked again on Amazon I see they now have reader versions of this book.  I bought the standard  picture book  – Frog and Toad are Friends (Essential Picture Book Classics) (Paperback) – Common.  


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  1. Camie says:

    This is still one of my favorite children’s books! I still have my childhood copy.

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