Lucy’s Magic Snow Globe

Lucy's Magic Snow Globe, Lucy's Winter Rescue and Lucy's Magical Surprise written by Anne Booth

I have mentioned a few times that my daughter tends to stick to certain types of reading books – she likes factual, non-fiction books as that way she does not have to deal with characters who get injured or kids who are lost.  We have tried really hard this past year to find her suitable fiction stories that do not scare her and we have had some success (the Oxford Children’s Classic Series has been great) but I really wanted to find some lighter reading for her.  Books that could capture her imagination without making her anxious.  This past week she read Lucy’s Magic Snow Globe to herself and afterwards she told me – “Mum I actually felt like I was in the story”.  She Loved it.

Reading Lucy's Magic Snow Globe by Anne Booth

The story is part of a set but the stories are fine as read alone books (so far my daughter has read the 2nd book in the series – Lucy’s Magic Snow Globe and has started the third one Lucy’s Winter Rescue and she never read the first one and it has not affected her enjoyment or understanding at all).

Inside page of Lucy's Magic Snow Globe written by Anne Booth

She is finding them easy, quick reads but is really loving the gentle storyline and the way the characters are developed in the story.  She does have a soft spot for small animals so the fact that the stories are based around Lucy, a little girl who rescues injured / sick animals and then nurses them back to health with her grandmother, who runs an animal rescue center, makes them perfect for her.

I would say you could read the stories to younger kids (aged 4 or 5), or use them as reading practice for kids from age 7.  The books also contain stunning black and white illustrations and they manage to include some facts about the animals in the stories.

Oh and all the stories are based around Christmas time (they all start in the month of December as the family are starting to gear up for their holidays).  So they are fun to read over the festive season but honestly they could be read and enjoyed at any time of the year.

The books in the series are

Lucy’s Secret Reindeer

Lucy’s Magic Snow Globe

Lucy’s Winter Rescue

Lucy’s Magical Surprise

Christmas reading books for children. Lucy's Magicak Surprise, Lucy's Winter Rescue and Lucy's Magic Snow Globe

We have the last three and as I mentioned have read the whole of Lucy’s Magic Snow Globe, started Lucy’s Winter Rescue but yet not read any of Lucy’s Magical Surprise.

The three books that we have were kindly sent to us by Oxford University Press. And you can find out more about the books written by Anne Booth on their website – Oxford University Press

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